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A bad day for equality in the so-called 'Equality State'

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By a vote of 32 - 27, the Wyoming House gave final passage to an anti-gay bills:

In a reversal after several unsuccessful attempts in previous years, the Wyoming House passed legislation Monday to stop recognition of out-of-state gay marriages and civil unions.

House Bill 74 now heads to the Senate, where its chances for passage appear good.

State Rep. Owen Petersen, R-Mountain View, the bill's sponsor, said the legislation is needed to resolve a conflict in Wyoming law, which defines marriage as a contract "between a male and a female person" but also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside the state. Other supporters have said the bill will help to hold back government intrusion into Wyoming traditions and culture.
Dick Cheney needs to start working the phones ASAP.

It's 2011, Wyoming. Enough with the legislative gay-bashing.

A majority of Wyoming legislators seem determined to tell the gay people in the state that they're not equal.

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