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DADT and Benefits for Same Sex Couples

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I guess we can now die for our country, without the threat of being discharged, but we had better not expect to get the associated benefits the heterosexual troops enjoy?

One thing that won't change, at least for now, is military benefits.

"There will be no changes at this time to eligibility standards for military benefits," the policy guidelines from the Pentagon state. The Pentagon said the Defense of Marriage Act prohibits extension of many military benefits -- such as medical care, travel, housing allowances and others -- to same-sex couples. But the Pentagon said that could change later.
Let's hope that later doesn't mean slow walking policy changes our gay military families deserve. They've gone long enough without the same benefits. Simply allowing gay military families to attend homecoming or send-off ceremonies without the other benefits is just not acceptable.

At least we aren't going to be having "separate but equal" when it comes to military housing or bathrooms.
Also, housing and bathrooms will stay the same. "The creation of separate bathroom facilities or living quarters based on sexual orientation is prohibited and commanders may not establish practices that physically segregate service members according to sexual orientation," the policy document says.
Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly grateful this policy is being overturned, but it should be done with the understanding and admission the policy was unfair, rather than an attitude "the gays should just be grateful we decided to recognize their civil rights," and the remedies and full equality should be implemented as soon as possible without any foot dragging.

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