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Facing intense scrutiny for covering up child rape cases, Pope takes another swipe at gays

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Yesterday, we learned that the Vatican, under soon-to-be Saint John Paul II, warned Irish Bishops not to report child rape cases to the police. The Catholic Church has been outright lying when it claimed otherwise. And, this appears to prove that the Vatican really was protecting child rapists and trying to cover up their crimes.

Today, we learn that Pope Benedict is spewing more hate towards the gay. His latest claim is the same-sex marriage somehow penalizes marriage between men and women:

Passing legislation or adopting policies that recognise “forms of unions, which distort the essence and purpose of the family end up penalising those who, with much effort, commit themselves to living a life whose bonds are marked by stable intimacy, have juridical guarantees and are recognised publicly”, he said.

You know who needs to be penalized? Catholic Church officials who protected and enabled child rapists. Benedict, a.k.a. Cardinal Ratzinger, was a high-ranking Vatican official when the Church was trying to cover-up the child rape scandals. Seems that whenever the Church is in trouble, the Pope engages in his rhetorical gay-bashing. We'll probably see a lot more of that.

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