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GOP Rep. Duncan 'Not the YMCA' Hunter introduces bill to thwart DADT repeal

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Last December, during the debate on DADT repeal, Rep. Duncan Hunter was one of the GOPers who led the effort to defeat the legislation. You may remember him as the guy who said the military was "not the YMCA." Yeah, him.

You'll also recall that in the House, the bill passed by a very wide margin: 250 - 175. That was a 35-vote pick up from the first DADT vote in May of 2010 and included 15 House GOPers. But, Hunter isn't finished. He's going to introduce what SLDN's Aubrey Sarvis called the "killer amendment," which would add the service chiefs to the certification process. Mitch McConnell tried the same thing in December, on the after the Senate passed the repeal bill. Of course, it's too late now. But, that's not stopping Duncan Hunter. He's obsessed.

Yep, the GOP's political gay-bashing begins:

A member of the House Armed Services Committee plans to introduce legislation next week designed to put the brakes on repeal of the military’s ban on openly gay troops.

The measure by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) would add the four military service chiefs to the list of those who must sign off on repealing the policy before it can be officially scrapped.

Hunter, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, is concerned that the bill passed in December repealing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy “excluded the service chiefs from the certification process,” said one congressional aide.
So, this is what the GOP House is going to spend its time doing? Proposing legislation to thwart DADT repeal? After all, only around 80% of the American people support DADT repeal, including some very prominent Republicans. These days, this issue is only controversial for homophobes.

If this is any indication (and it probably is), sure looks like the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud are going to have their hands full with their fellow GOPers.

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