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GOPer Duncan 'Not the YMCA' Hunter in spotlight for still fighting DADT repeal

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The GOP will not give up fighting or slow walking the repeal of DADT, even in the face of reports that some troops, who are gay, will not choose to publicly come out.

Joe wrote about this last week. During the House debate on the DADT bill in December, Hunter famously proclaimed that the military is not the YMCA. Sure sounded like a refererence to the Village people. Not sure how or why Hunter thought that one up.

And, Representative Hunter is still garnering attention for demanding the service chiefs certify that implementing the DADT repeal won't impact combat readiness and effectiveness.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, who represents Poway, introduced a bill asking all four military chiefs to certify that implementing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)” repeal won't impact combat readiness and effectiveness.

Hunter, who introduced the bill titled, "Restore Military Readiness Act" on Wednesday, said the bill assures that the repeal won't affect the military and combat.

“The idea behind the Restore Military Readiness Act is not necessarily to prevent the implementation of the DADT repeal, but rather to ensure that military readiness and combat effectiveness are not adversely impacted,” said Hunter in a statement. “The service chiefs -- most notably the Commandant of the Marine Corps and Army Chief of Staff -- provided a clear and candid assessment of the unique challenges involving implementation, emphasizing that doing so could take time, attention and resources away from winning in Afghanistan. All the while, their assessment was contradicted by Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen, who reported that repeal presents ‘low risk.’
Of course, the bill is not about preventing the implementation of DADT repeal. That is why it is named "Restore Military Readiness Act," because we all know military readiness MUST be RESTORED after everything was thrown into such huge disarray from the very idea our troops would be integrated. (Snark...) We also need to go back to wasting $200 million dollars on ridiculous witch hunts and discharging mission critical troops simply because they happen to be gay or lesbian. Besides, Congress doesn't have anything better to do than bash the gays.

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