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An interview with Former Navy Pastor Gordon 'In Jesus' Name' Klingenschmitt

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David Pakman did an interview with former Navy Pastor, Gordon Klingenschmitt, where Klingenschmitt doesn't let any inconvenient facts get in the way of his hysterical beliefs.

From Nick Wing at Huffington Post:

Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain discharged for misconduct, spoke recently about his opposition to the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," saying that it was a sign that the "government has declared war on God."

According to Klingenschmitt, allowing gays to serve openly would "lead to a national draft" driven by the "mass exodus of Christians leaving the military" because of the "open homosexuals who are ogling them in the shower," he said during an interview with radio host David Pakman.

Rather than accept homosexuality, Klingenschmitt argued, the military should reject the "demonic disease," which he claimed he had once cured through some sort of gay "exorcism."
Of course, Klingenschmitt, is a Christian martyr in his own mind, as well. He claims he was kicked out of the military for praying "in Jesus' name." He transparently emphasizes "God Bless You, In Jesus' Name" in all his interviews to further the perception he was victimized for saying it. Rather, he got booted for the decidedly un-Christian act of insubordination. He couldn't bring himself to follow the rules about not wearing one's uniform at partisan or political event.

This guy has become a poster boy for our enemies that remain against our full integration in the military. I like what his previous superior officer, conservative Christian Captain Norm Holcomb, has to say about the oh-so-righteous Klingenschmitt.
“I was the dishonored ex-chaplain’s supervisor for the past 2 years,” Holcomb wrote in his message. “I found him to be totally untruthful, unethical and insubordinate. He was and is contemptuous of all authority. He was not court martialed for praying in Jesus’ name. I sent him out in uniform every week to pray at various ceremonies and functions. He always prayed in uniform and in Jesus’ name. He was never told that he could not pray in Jesus’ name. In fact, the issue of prayer had nothing at all to do with his dismissal from the Navy. He disobeyed the lawful order of a senior officer. I am sure that you understand that Navy Regulations forbid any of us, regardless of rank or position, to appear in uniform in support of any political or partisan event.”
Holcomb, an ex-marine who served in Vietnam, notes that he is himself is a “born-again evangelical Christian” who has been a naval chaplain for 27 years.
Regarding the ridiculous claim he cured a lesbian with gay exorcism there are two things I've learned about people who have the biggest problem with other's sexual orientation. One is they usually have even bigger problems in their own personal lives. Two is they usually espouse debunked ways of supposedly changing someone's orientation with the specious claim everyone has a choice when it comes to one's orientation. I had my own brush with one of those Exodus Outreach programs in the late 1980's. My partner, at the time, decided being gay was just too difficult, and thought we needed to "be saved from it." Initially, I was open minded about it, and attended by thinking, "What is the harm in it, and maybe this will help him accept himself more?" I quickly learned that those who were supposedly cured had a strange way of showing up at gay and lesbian bars on the weekends. Fortunately, I never claimed to have been cured, so I didn't have to live with the guilt of being discovered "back sliding." Everyone, including my ex, would testify to how they had been saved by Jesus and were now straight. When it got to me, even with intense social pressure, much to their dismay I'd simply say, "I'm a Christian, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still as gay as the day I walked in here." Fortunately, they never put me through a Gay Exorcism but I think any clergy that would do that to a gay, bisexual or questioning Christian, rather than suggest counseling, deserves to lose their job. Personally, I do not know of one person who attended that particular Exodus Outreach program with me who became permanently "straight," including my ex-partner who is now happily partnered, openly gay and living in San Diego, CA. If they did overcome their supposed orientation then it is my opinion they were definitely bisexual, and had the luxury of choosing to just totally focus on their attraction to the opposite sex.

Klingenschmitt is a liar and a charlatan, and people like him have no business as commissioned chaplains in our nation's military. I think Captain Holcomb has it about right when it comes to Klingenschmitt, don't you? Oh, and "God Bless You, In Jesus' Name..." See? Gays can do that, too!

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