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Iowa House GOPers take first steps to put measure to take away marriage rights on ballot

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The Iowa House moved a step closer to putting a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage on the ballot yesterday.

One Iowa has the report from KCCI:

A House subcommittee has approved a resolution that would begin the long process of putting a same-sex marriage ban before voters.

A subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee voted 2-1 in favor of the resolution Monday, and the full committee is expected to follow suit later in the day.

House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer said the full House could take up the resolution with a few days, but next week is more likely.

Republicans control the House on a 60-40 margin, and top leaders have predicted approval. Senate leaders promise to block the proposal.
We're lucky to have those Senate Democrats on our side. Iowa's GOPers appear obsessed with stripping rights from citizens of that state.

One other thing. I hope people in Iowa understand that Linda Upmeyer has been misleading them. Just two weeks ago, she told the Des Moines Register that the GOP leaders were going to focus on jobs:
Leaders of both parties will struggle to keep lawmakers' attention on helping unemployed Iowans.

"We told the people of Iowa that we were going to focus on jobs and the economy. We're going to do that," said House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer, R-Garner.
Yeah, this anti-gay legislation isn't about jobs. So, Upmeyer is proving to be a liar. But, she and her GOP colleagues can't help themselves. They're apparently obsessed with the gays.

This should serve as a cautionary warning to all Iowans. Once legislators feel empowered to take the rights away from some, everyone's rights are on the chopping block.

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