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More fallout from the gay Doritos ad

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Funny or not?

Chicago Pride says not. i still say they're stereotypically homophobic, the same way that yet another recent Jay Leno joke made fun of a small kid for possibly being perceived as gay, and we all know that a kid being gay is bad. It's not funny, unless you're homophobic, then someone being gay is a knee-slapper, especially when they're flaming.

And no, the issue isn't whether some gays lisp, or some blacks xxxx or some Latinos yyyy. The issue is whether those actions are stereotypes used to demean the entire community because society at large finds those stereotypes distasteful. That's why choosing stereotypes to represent minorities, however funny to some, and however "real" those stereotypes are in some quarters, are offensive.

After we get our full civil rights, then make fun of us for lisping and crossing our legs. Until then, grow up.

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