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NOM is on the air against marriage bill in Rhode Island

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NOM does seem to have an endless supply of money:

The local chapter of the National Organization for Marriage is launching a $100,000 TV advertising campaign aimed at defeating the legalization of same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.

The first TV ad scheduled for airing on Tuesday will challenge "Governor Lincoln Chaffee's claim to have a mandate to redefine marriage,'' according to a news release issued by the group that misspelled new Governor Lincoln D. Chafee's name.

"Lincoln Chaffee got just 36% of the vote in the recent election, and fewer popular votes than the Cool Moose Party's candidate for Lieutenant Governor," Christopher Plante, executive director of NOM-RI, said in the release. "Our message is that getting 36% of the vote is no mandate to redefine the institution of marriage for all of Rhode Island society."
Wow. That is one of their dumbest arguments to date. But, NOM hates the gays and will stop at nothing to thwart equality.

For NOM, this isn't just about marriage, it's about homophobia. They're gay-bashers, plain and simple.

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