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Ricky Gervais - Good, Bad or Ugly?

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Along with the great news of Glee stars Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer's wins at the Golden Globe Awards, there is speculation both here and abroad that Ricky Gervais crossed the line with his acerbic humor during his host appearance for the Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais may have scripted his own Hollywood downfall at last night's Golden Globes as the host tore into celebrity targets at the annual awards do - and divided opinion with his cringe-worthy performance.
And then there is this:
Invited back for a second year, the British funnyman warned he planned to ensure he would not be asked again - and it seems he may well have fulfilled his destiny as he made the A-list audience gasp at jokes about Brad and Angelina, Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Junior.

He also left the crowd reeling as he made a thinly veiled jibe about 'famous gay Scientologist actors.'

As is usually the case, I'm certain the reception of his acidic wit depends on whether or not one is, or can empathize with, the target. I thought it was remarkable that he delved into the subject of straight people playing gay characters. A joke, maybe, but he did broach that controversial subject as well. Hollywood obviously didn't appreciate his particular brand of humor.

What do you think?

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