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'Breakfast without Bigotry' protests prayer breakfast sponsored by bigots

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This morning, most of official DC is attending the National Prayer Breakfast. That includes the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries, members of Congress and lots of ambassadors. The event is sponsored by the clandestine, homophobic group, "The Family." And, as The Family's anti-gay record becomes more widely known, particularly its work in Uganda, this breakfast has become increasingly controversial.

This morning, GetEQUAL and several other groups held a protest outside of the Hilton, called "Breakfast without Bigotry." By the time the President arrived, there were over 60 activists holding signs, distributing flyers and chanting about "The Family." In the wake of the murder of David Kato, the group deserves more scrutiny -- and our leaders shouldn't be rubbing elbows with them over breakfast and prayers.

One of the protest organizers, Michael Dixon, explained the purpose of the protest:

Here are a few photos from the scene.

One of the early arrivals was Mitchell Gold, who co-founded Faith In America:

The protest started at the driveway entrances, but was moved across Connecticut Avenue. The police provided differing info. on what was an appropriate venue:

The guy in the light-colored shirt in this photo -- it's that paragon of virtue, Senator David Vitter (R-LA). Yep, kinda sums up the whole event for me.

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