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Controversy grows over The Family's National Prayer Breakfast

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As I wrote last night, GetEQUAL will be holding a protest, Breakfast without Bigotry," outside of the Washington Hilton tomorrow morning. That's where our nation's leaders will be gathered at an event hosted by the notoriously anti-gay group, The Family, aka The Fellowship. Details on the protest are here. (I'm going.)

Any leader who attends this gathering needs to explain why they're associating with such a vile entity.

USA Today noted the growing controversy around the event:

This year, lawmakers, clergy, power brokers and diplomats will break bread under a disturbing pall cast by the Jan. 26 murder of David Kato, a well-known gay activist who was bludgeoned to death in his home in Kampala. Kato had been targeted by a Ugandan newspaper in a front-page article identifying him and dozens of other Ugandans as "known homos" under the headline, "Hang Them."

While a number of high-profile prayer breakfast and Fellowship participants have repudiated the proposed Ugandan law, many human rights activists and other critics nonetheless remain convinced of the Fellowship's role in catalyzing support for the law.

The Fellowship, for its part, keeps a low profile. Its participants and leadership generally shun the media and the group maintains no official website, membership roster or official spokesperson.
Today, CREW sent a letter, which "called on President Obama and all members of Congress not to attend this year's National Prayer Breakfast."

CREW letter urges leaders not to attend National Prayer Breakfast

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