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'Daphne's Mom' threatened with church expulsion

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I love how this article begins, "Ruh-roh: The Daphne mom saga continues." Not so crazy about the way this Mom is being treated by her church. John wrote about the mom whose boy wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo at Halloween, and it seems her church has become involved by threatening to deny her communion and kicking her out of the congregation for "bearing false witness."

Now her church has jumped into the fray. According to a new post on her blog, the pastor of the church told Cop's Wife that other church members were worried that she was "promoting gayness." According to her, the pastor accused her of breaking the eigth commandment by "bearing false witness" against the moms who made disparaging remarks about her son's costume. (Neither the church nor the other moms are named in any of her posts.) If she didn't "repent," apologize to the moms and take down the Halloween blog post, Cop's Wife said, she was threatened with being barred from taking communion and being kicked out of the congregation.

She writes:
"I cannot tell you the betrayal I feel. The church, or at the very least Pastor is trying to bully me into shutting up, and I find that so disheartening. I am floored by the fact that they’ve gone to so much trouble regarding a post that discusses love and tolerance that was posted 3 months ago. I am shocked that they do not see the hypocrisy of what they are saying to me. I am in complete disbelief that this has been handled in the way it has. I have never felt less welcome in a church.
This is not the church that I grew up in. This is not the God that I know."
How petty can a church be? As far as "promoting gayness" is concerned, I guess that is a new sin?

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