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Freedom to Marry launches ad campaign: 'Why Marriage Matters'

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Well, this is a welcome development.

Via press release from Freedom to Marry, background on their new "Why Marriage Matters" Campaign:

Freedom to Marry will be running ads nationwide featuring gay, lesbian and straight couples talking about why marriage matters to them. The organization has pledged to raise and spend $10 million over the next three years on the Why Marriage Matters campaign, which will launch during Freedom to Marry Week on Valentine’s Day with an initial national cable buy on CNN. To preview the ad, click here. [The ad is embedded below, too]

“Across the country the thinking of many Americans, from the president to the people next door, continues to ­­­– as President Obama put it ­­­– ‘evolve’ toward support for same-sex couples joining in the freedom to marry. Freedom to Marry’s team has crunched over a decade’s worth of polling data and field experience to crack the code on moving the reachable but not yet reached," said Evan Wolfson, Founder and President of Freedom to Marry. “By engaging friends, families, and neighbors in personal conversations about why marriage matters, each of us can help fair-minded people wrestling with a lack of information and uncertainty, and change hearts and minds.”
I hope they have cracked the code to reach those reachables. I know from talking to Evan that the group has invested a lot of its energy into doing just that. Let's hope this accelerates the evolution of the American people on marriage -- from Barack Obama to Capitol Hill to every city and town in the country.

Honest, personal conversations about marriage are the antithesis of what NOM and the other homophobes want. They'd rather demonize us.

Here's the first ad:

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