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GOPer Pawlenty goes even further to keep DADT: He'd block funding to repeal the law

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Earlier today, Igor Volsky asked prospective GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty about the repeal of DADT today in Iowa. Pawlenty already said he'd try to end the repeal. In response to Igor's question, Pawlenty took it a step further. He said rescinding the funds being used to implement the repeal of DADT would be "a reasonable step":

Appearing at the Family Leader’s Presidential Lecture Series in Iowa, Pawlenty reiterated his argument for why the policy should not have been repealed and then, when pushed, agreed with me that taking away the funding “would be a reasonable step”:
PAWLENTY: We have to pay great deference, I think to those combat units, their sentiments and their leaders. That’s one of the reasons why I said we shouldn’t have repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and I would support reinstatement.

TP: And rescinding the funds for implementation, implementation of repeal?

PAWLENTY: That would be a reasonable step as well.
Maybe that's viewed as reasonable in the warped world of the homophobic right-wingers being courted by Pawlenty in Iowa -- like those wingnuts from the Family Leader (watch Jeremy Hooper's excellent video, which exposes the hate-filled agenda of that group.) But, in the real world, where 80% of the American people support ending DADT, that's going to be viewed as extreme and absurd.

Here's Igor's video:

And, Igor also noted:
Interestingly, the idea to rescind funding has also been suggested by the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, on whose radio show Pawlenty originally said he would like to bring back the DADT policy.
Those haters stick together. Looks like the GOP presidential candidates are going to be competing to see who can be the biggest gay basher.

And, nice work, Igor.

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