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Momentum on marriage in Maryland: Lt. Gov is on board

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Yesterday, we learned that a Republican State Senator announced his support for Maryland's marriage law. The momentum continued today with news that the Lieutenant Governor, Anthonh Brown, is also on board. The Washington Blade's Kevin Naff has the statement from Brown and explains why it's important:

In his first public remarks on same-sex marriage, Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown told the Washington Blade Wednesday that he supports marriage equality for lesbians and gays and favors the approval of a same-sex marriage bill pending in the Maryland Legislature.

LGBT activists believe Brown, a Prince George’s County Democrat who is considered a potential candidate for governor in 2014, could play a key role in defending the marriage bill against a voter referendum in 2012 if the legislature passes it this year, as most political observers expect.

“I have always believed that all Marylanders should have an equality of rights and responsibilities and that includes marriage equality,” he said in an exclusive interview.

“So regardless of gender, we should be able to choose who it is that we are going to marry and hopefully spend the rest of our lives with. And so I’m supportive of that,” he said.

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