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Senate Democrats standing firm in Iowa

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Iowa's House GOPers took the first step towards stripping marriage rights away from the state's citizens yesterday. But, the anti-gay resolution has to pass in the State Senate this year, then pass both houses in the next session of the legislature. The Senate Majority Leader, Mike Gronstal, won't call the resolution up for a vote. The Democrats control the Senate by a 26 - 24 margin. Gronstal's Democratic caucus colleauges, even opponents of same-sex marriage, are sticking with him:

Some Democrats personally believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. But they refuse to override their majority leader, who has vowed to block a vote.

A least two Democratic senators said Tuesday that if a same-sex marriage constitutional amendment ever were to come to a vote of the full chamber, they'd likely vote "yes" - enough for a majority. They are Tom Hancock of Epworth and Jack Kibbie of Emmetsburg, the Senate president.

Both back marriage between one man and one woman. They see allowing Iowans to vote on same-sex marriage as casting an individual vote of conscience. But they won't usurp the authority of Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs.

Republican senators vow to keep pursuing parliamentary maneuvers to force a vote.

Senators of both parties agreed in interviews Tuesday that the sole authority to call such legislation for a vote lies with Gronstal, who said he won't budge on his refusal to do so.
Iowa Republicans are obsessed, just obsessed, with this marriage issue.

One Iowa is leading the opposition for our side.

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