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TAKE ACTION: More cases of gay vets forced to repay tens of thousands to DOD

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We told you last week how the military was trying to bilk Lt. Dan Choi for thousands of dollars by blaming him for his own "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" discharge. Dan, sadly, isn't alone.

Thanks to Servicemembers United, we just found out about three more cases in which the Pentagon is forcing DADT victims to pay back tens of thousands of dollars in education and training they received in the services. Why? Because the Pentagon says those gay or lesbian troops (all of whom were discharged under DADT) broke their promise to serve their country.

Can you believe the nerve?

The only way we can stop this -- and we can stop this -- is by shaming the Defense Department and the White House into ceasing this reprehensible practice.

Join nearly 4,000 people who have signed our public letter telling Defense Secretary Gates to stop sending bill collectors after Dan, or any other veteran discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

And it's not just Dan. Check out what the Pentagon is doing to these brave gay and lesbian vets:

Dan's fellow West Point graduate, Anthony Woods, was kicked out under DADT and then sent a bill for $33,000 to pay back his military education and training. The Army even refused to pay Anthony his leave accrued while serving in Iraq.

Mara Boyd was kicked out of ROTC at the University of Colorado four years ago for being a lesbian. To this day, the Pentagon still hounds her to pay back $33,000 in education and training.

And Sarah Isaacson's story is even worse. She was kicked out of ROTC at the University of North Carolina, and the Pentagon is now demanding the college student repay $78,000.
While it's true that Dan, Anthony, Mara and Sarah all left the military early, it's hardly their fault. Each and every one of them wanted to continue serving their country, but the Pentagon said "no" simply because they're gay or lesbian.

We keep hearing about how DADT was repealed, so why is Barack Obama's Pentagon continuing a financial witch hunt against gay and lesbians victims of this discriminatory policy?

We'll report updates on the blog and continue to brief reporters on our progress. Help us reach 5,000 signers and keep the pressure on the Defense Department and the White House.

Click here to tell Defense Secretary Gates to stop sending bill collectors after veterans discharged under DADT.

Make no mistake, the Defense Department is not "required" to levy these fines against gay and lesbian service members. The law doesn't require it, nor do DOD regulations. It's a choice. And it's the wrong choice.

Thanks for helping us stop this injustice.

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