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Obama admin. garnishing tax refund of DADT vet

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Here's the proof, dated only 5 days ago. Why is this still happening? Demand the administration stop this now.

As John already posted, the Obama administration is demanding that DADT victim J.d. Knight pay back his signing bonus of over ten years ago because he was discharged over "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Our government needs to stop punishing patriotic gay veterans for accepting signing bonuses, supposed unearned contractual obligations, and reducing separation pay over a policy they have now admitted to be unfair, and they now claim to be out the door. In fact, our government should be paying us for our lost careers, and the damages they did to our lives when they discharged us simply for being gay.

Again, if you haven't already done so, be sure and sign AMERICAblog's letter to Secretary Gates demanding him to stop sending bill collectors after gay veterans.

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