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Aloha state passes employment protections for transgender Hawaiians

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In the warm spirit of Aloha, Hawaii continues to blaze trails in the observation of civil rights protections of her LGBT citizens.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 22-2 to extend employment protections to transgender people. The legislation now moves to Gov. Neil Abercrombie's desk where it awaits his signature.

The law codifies prohibitions against discrimination in employment on the basis of gender identity.

“The march towards full equality in the Aloha State continues,” Alan Spector, Equality Hawaii co-chair, said in a press release. “Providing employment protections to transgender citizens in Hawaii is a victory for civil rights and equal treatment under the law for all residents of our great state.”
We must remember that only twelve states and Washington, DC provide equal protection for transgender Americans in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodation. Also, it should be noted the reputations of our bigoted enemies, who fought so hard against our equality, suffers with each and every victory. Do they really want to be remembered for being on the wrong side of history? I guess we'd have to ask someone like Hawaii's previous Republican governor, Linda Lingle.

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