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Chrissy Lee Polis, victim of brutal McDonalds attack, speaks out

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If you haven't seen the video of the horrific beating of a transgender woman at a McDonalds in Baltimore, you can see it here at Bilerico. This story garnered coverage on local DC news all weekend. It's so brazen and brutal. The Baltimore Sun reports that two suspects have been charged. And, the Sun interviewed Chrissy Lee Polis, the victim:
The Maryland Senate did not pass the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act earlier this month. They should listen to Chrissy's story and reconsider.

People should not be afraid to go out of their house. And, no one should have to explain who they are because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

There's a vigil tonight at the McDonalds where the attack occurred. Details via the Facebook page here.

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