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Crowd of 300 showed up at McDonald's to protest anti-trans violence

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Great report from Kevin Naff about the vigil held last night in Maryland. Considering the very short notice, there was a good crowd. While the woman beaten at the McDonald's in the Baltimore suburbs, Crissy Lee Polis, was unable to show up -- her mother and grandmother did:

A rally to draw attention to anti-transgender violence turned surprisingly upbeat and almost jubilant on Monday night at a Maryland McDonald’s restaurant where Chrissy Lee Polis was beaten last week.

A crowd of about 300 spectators sang “We Shall Overcome,” as politicians and activists denounced the beating that captured national media attention after it was recorded by a restaurant employee and posted to YouTube.

The video shows two teenage women punching and kicking Polis in the head and body as she curled up on the restaurant floor. It has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

“The turnout tonight is wonderful, I’m so happy,” said Renee Carr, Polis’s mother, who attended the rally with family and neighbors, but without her daughter. “I didn’t think that McDonald’s was a dangerous place, all she wanted to do was eat and use the bathroom.”

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