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DOMA may result in loss of home for 77 year old widower, denied survivor benefits

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Meet Ron Wallen, via Freedom to Marry, because this is what that so, so valiant and noble Paul Clement is defending.

More on Ron:

Ron and Tom, both veterans, married in California in 2008 before the freedom to marry was stripped away by Proposition 8. Tom’s death on March 8, 2011 left Ron without income, apart from his $900/month social security check. While grieving the loss of his husband, Ron now must also fight for access to Social Security Survivor's Benefits now being withheld from him by the federal government. Surviving spouses are entitled to the higher of either their own Social Security payment or their deceased spouse’s; in Ron’s case, he should receive the $1,800/month benefit that Tom earned. This $900 shortfall may cost Ron his home.
That must make Eric Holder, Jay Carney, Jennifer Rubin and Jonathan Capehart so proud of Clement.

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