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Ex-NOM strategist Marinelli drops a bomb about NOM's propaganda operation

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Our newest same-sex marriage supporter and ex-NOM strategist, Louis Marinelli, drops a bombshell accusation that certainly isn't hard to believe, but it most certainly points out how depraved NOM is when it comes to their tactics. We always knew they were cowards but get this:

Louis Marinelli, the NOM staffer who shut down the National Organization for Marriage FaceBook page, which hosted 290,000 ant- marriage equality members, and defected via a changed heart – to side with a pro marriage equality – says NOM offers incentives to members of a secret online propaganda team which handles stories and tasks the group does not want to engage in officially.

“As part of my job with NOM, I was instructed to create a point system to reward the propagandists. Everything they do will be tracked and NOM plans to reward them,” he writes. “In the future, when this team gets off the ground, NOM intends to use the technology behind Mr. [Brian] Brown’s ActRight conservative activism website to facilitate tracking, create a competitive atmosphere between the propagandists and allow them to redeem the points they earn in a variety of ways, including lunch with Mr. Brown himself.”
Marinelli adds as a prime example of this secretive, disturbing and cowardly systematic behavior by NOM:
A case in point is a woman whom I will identify only by her initials S.N. Most people involved with the social media network I grew for NOM know there is a particularly hateful NOM supporter who for a time helped me with moderating the page’s wall. She spends hours upon hours attacking gays and lesbians on a smaller scale but not much different from the way I used to.

However, when it came to showing up personally at our Summer for Marriage rally in Trenton, New Jersey (near her home), she was nowhere to be found.
Can you imagine if our side had a propaganda team in place to spread lies about the extremists involved in the battle to deny us equal rights? If it were those of us exhibiting this behavior on our side, I can just imagine the wailing, stirring of ashes and tearing of clothes to express how utterly unfair and decidedly un-Christian we were to covertly spread outright lies about them if we had been accused by one of our own of doing what Marinelli says they do in order to unfairly smear us.

And, one more time, thank you Jeremy Hooper for breaking this story. Last night, Jeremy posted Lawrence O'Donnell's commentary on Marinelli and the Courage Campaign:

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