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GetEQUAL Tax Day protest in Dallas, Texas

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I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas, so I thought I'd represent AMERICAblog Gay at the GetEQUAL "No Taxation WITH Discrimination!" action led by Daniel Scott Cates.

Our little group was accosted by the Kingdom Baptist Church out of Mansfield, Texas. I've never heard so much depravity from a so-called Christian group as them, and I've had plenty of run-ins with Westboro Baptist. The Westboro group is hideous, but for all the relatively innocuous signs this group really took the cake in hateful attacks on us. We were accused of "pedophilia, bestiality, vampirism, cannibalism, drugs and alcohol" (and I've been clean and sober for seven and a half years!), and for some reason they really focused their hateful wrath on the friendly girl in the photo who was dressed in the cute, white mini skirt for being "immodestly dressed."

I think one of my favorite lines was when they said we didn't "get our butts paddled by our daddies when we played with gender inappropriate toys." It made me shiver wondering what kind of abuse they sanction on any poor gay, lesbian or transgender child that might happen to be living in their midst.

My sign read "Gay Veterans 4 Equal Taxes" to go along with the other signs detailing the rights we are denied as gay American citizens. After being attacked by the Kingdom Baptist church I added "Christian" to my sign, "Gay Christian Veterans 4 Equal Taxes" and they went ballistic.

We definitely had the crowd on our side. Lots of thumbs up and horn honking for us. Oh yeah, I wish I had the video of us singing, "We Shall Overcome!" That was another moment that really had the haters screaming.

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