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If Eric Holder thinks it is wrong to stop defending DOMA, then why did he stop defending DOMA? Was he taking a swipe at Obama?

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Unless our Attorney General,  Eric Holder, was taking a swipe at the President yesterday.  After all, it was President Obama who finally decided to cave to outside pressure and stop defending DOMA.  That's the exact same thing that King & Spalding did.  Yet Eric Holder thinks it's abominable that anyone would stop defending a case because of outside pressure.  But that's exactly what Eric Holder did just a few months ago on this very same issue.

So either Eric Holder is a liar, or he accidentally let slip his true feelings about how the President has handled DOMA - namely, that Eric Holder thinks Baracks Obama is no better than racists who hate Muslims.  It's also possible that Holder thinks the gays are expendable, and this is all part of some plot to woo the Republicans by sucking up to their lawyer.  It wouldn't be the first time the administration tripped over itself to appease Republicans.  Regardless, Holder's criticism applies equally to himself and the President.

I think Mr. Holder had better do some explaining, fast.

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