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Law firm was reportedly in "mayhem" over decision to take DOMA case

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Some great reporting from Amanda Terkel and Jennifer Bendery over at HuffPost.

The law firm King & Spalding stunned many observers Monday by abruptly withdrawing from representing the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) -- barely a week after coming under fire for signing on to defend the law on behalf of House Republicans. But the real shockwaves may have taken place within the firm, where, according to one insider, employees were at each other's throats over its decision to take on the case.

A source at the firm described the “mayhem” that ensued after employees learned King & Spalding agreed to defend DOMA.

“Management was divided, people were threatening to quit,” the source said. In addition, it was unclear if members of the firm’s Diversity Committee had been consulted ahead of time about taking on the case.
And for the record, Barack Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder thinks every single one of you is un-American. Unless you're Republicans who are trying to make a fast buck off of stopping gays from get their full and equal civil rights. Then Holder [hearts] you.

It would seem the facts of this case are a tad more complicated than our Attorney General realized when he decided to mouth off in a homophobic burst earlier today (funny how Holder never mouths off with pro-gay comments).  We're still waiting to hear the President disavow his Attorney General's incredibly offensive remarks.

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