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No surprise, Catholic leaders in RI now want to defeat civil unions

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Catholics are way ahead of their church's hierarchy on issues of LGBT equality, including same-sex marriage.

That doesn't stop the Catholic Bishops from engaging in non-stop homophobia and legislative gay-bashing. They smell blood in Rhode Island over marriage -- and now want to kill civil unions. From Joe.My.God:

Following the collapse of Rhode Island's same-sex marriage bill, a civil unions bill is now being floated as a "compromise." And of course, the Catholic Church is early out of the gate with their denouncement.
What's always stunning to me is that politicians fear the bishops. Catholics don't listen to their Bishops and regularly ignore their screeching on social issues. But, politicians cower before them. Let's see if the legislators in Rhode Island can stand up to them.

And, I'm waiting for the next great battle between Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan. My money is on Cuomo. He grew up Catholic and knows that most Catholics don't pay any attention to the church leaders. He's seen the polling, too. I get the feeling that Andrew Cuomo doesn't cower to anyone, including the Archbishop. Like most Catholic leaders, Dolan tries to exert great influence over public policy. But, I think the Archbishop has finally met his match.

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