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NOM threatens ex-strategist Marinelli with lawsuit

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During an interview with Mike Signorile on Friday, Louis Marinelli revealed that NOM is trying to intimidate him and threatening legal action:

Specifically, he said that NOM president Brian Brown (photo, left) has privately been using intimidation tactics and legal threats against him since he left, demanding he remove some of his critical blog posts (even though NOM, in its damage control of the defection, has tried to claim Marinelli was not very influential in their organization, which is obviously a lie.)
“…I’ve received a message or two from Brian, who basically has – he’s trying to intimidate me to stop talking. He’s saying that if I don’t remove the posts I’ve posted on my site and I don’t stop telling the truth about who they are he may pursue legal action…I considered it an intimidation tactic…On two occasions he wrote me a message saying if I don’t comply with his wish that I remove certain posts from the site…that he would have no option but to pass it on to his attorneys and pursue legal action...”
Brian's trying to play hardball. NOM doesn't want the truth to be told.

I seriously doubt anyone from NOM really wants to go under oath in a legal suit. Brian and Maggie didn't testify in the Prop. 8 trial for a reason. Perjury is a crime.

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