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Pro-Prop. 8 lawyers want decision overturned because Judge Walker has a boyfriend

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Yet another new low for the increasingly desperate anti-marriage forces, via Andrew Harmon:

Retired U.S. district judge Vaughn R. Walker’s recent acknowledgments that he is gay and in a long-term relationship are grounds for overturning his landmark decision in the federal Proposition 8 case. Or at least that’s what the ballot measure’s backers argued in a Monday court filing, described by one opponent as “desperate and absurd.”

In the 26-page brief, filed in U.S. district court in San Francisco, Prop. 8 supporters argued that Walker should have been disqualified from deciding the case and that his opinion should be tossed, in part because of his “long-term committed relationship [and] his failure to disclose that relationship at the outset of the case.” Those alleged omissions “give rise to a genuine question concerning [his] impartiality,” attorney Charles J. Cooper wrote.
Charles J. Cooper should be embarrassed. His latest gambit is beyond absurd. And, it's the kind of thing that shows to the world (again) that the homophobes have no real arguments.

Here's the statement from AFER's Chad Griffin:
"This motion is yet another in a string of desperate and absurd motions by Prop 8 Proponents who refuse to accept the fact that the freedom to marry is a constitutional right. They're attempting to keep secret the video of the public trial and they're attacking the judge because they disagree with his decision. Clearly, the Proponents are grasping at straws because they have no legal case."
Seriously. Desperate and absurd.

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