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SLDN clock reminder DADT is still in effect

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SLDN has launched a clock reminding anyone who mistakenly believes "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was ended 120 days ago that DADT is alive and well. It is sickening that we weren't able to use the template of other countries who successfully implemented their integration rapidly, and we ended up bowing and scraping to those right wingers who simply wanted to delay the process in order to desperately try to derail implementation.

“While the clock ticks, America’s LGB service members remain under ‘Don’t Ask’ investigations. Training the armed forces on repeal is not complicated, and the Services should accelerate and complete this process in the second quarter of this year,” said Army Veteran and SLDN Executive Director Aubrey Sarvis.

The legislation, signed on December 22, 2010, requires the Pentagon to prepare the necessary policies and regulations before the President, Secretary of Defense, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs can certify that the military is ready for repeal, which will go into effect 60 days following the date of certification.

“Despite testimony this month from the service chiefs that training is creating no problems in the field, the Army has signaled that it might not finish training until as late as August, which would delay certification until at least October,” Sarvis continued. “That is a protracted and unnecessarily long time for training that can and should be accelerated starting today. We hope this clock will remind military leaders and others that while we wait, the lives of service members and their families are being adversely affected and anti-repeal forces continue to mount their campaign to repeal the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask.’”
Sarvis mentions the job will not be over when the certification is signed. I also hope the clock reminds American citizens that this unfair policy still remains in effect even though every single worst case scenario the right tried to shove down our throats has so far proven to be just a figment of their hysterical, homophobic imaginations.

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