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Why didn't Republicans show up for DOMA hearing?

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If the GOP is willing to waste tax dollars they claim is in such short supply it is time to make grandma eat cat food then why didn't they show up for the third hearing on same-sex marriage?

Ian Thompson, who’s gay and legislative representative for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the lack of presence by anti-gay lawmakers was telling that the they were uncomfortable with their positions.

“The thing that was particularly striking to me was the fact that so few DOMA supporters on the committee actually were in attendance,” Thompson said. “So, from my perspective, if the hearing was intended to demonstrate the support of the House of Representatives for DOMA, from the attendance alone, it was a complete and total flop.”
Also, it should be noted that no Justice Department officials were invited by Republicans to provide testimony as to the legitimacy of Obama not defending DOMA.
Democratic lawmakers’ criticisms during the hearing weren’t limited to Gallagher. Conyers questioned Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), chair of the subcommittee, why no witnesses from the Justice Department were present to defend Obama’s decision to drop defense of DOMA.
Hate debutante and recent recipient of the "Anita Bryant award," Maggie Gallagher was there, of course, to fail to answer tough questions about why she and "The National Organization of Marriage (NOM)" think they have a valid position on gay marriage.

If Republicans are willing to waste resources to have hearing after hearing over gay marriage, the very least they could do is show up.

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