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Brazil has just legalized same-sex civil unions

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It's in Portuguese. Here's a good article in English.

Confirmed, that is what's happening.  I'm trying to now find out how the Brazilian system works.  If this is final, if another vote is needed, if any further action is needed by legislature, etc.

More on it here.  Still not terribly clear how their system works.  And more background here.

And more here - Google translate does a good enough job to get the gist (I've tweaked the translation):

The Supreme Court's decision will be binding, ie, be applied in other courts in similar cases. If government officials in Rio de Janeiro are able to extend benefits to their partners, the same will happen in other states. In all, more than one hundred rights would be given to homosexual couples.

Among the new safeguards that can be given by the Supreme are requests for retirement pension in the event of separation and use of health plan. Some decisions to extend rights to same-sex partners have been taken by courts, but the country's highest court has never ruled on the matter. In his opinion handed down yesterday, when the issue began to be discussed, Ayres Britto also ponder without deepens, the possibility of adoption of children by homosexual couples. (I think that means that it's not clear how this decision affects issues like adoption, marriage itself, or in vitro fertilization (three things mentioned earlier in the article to be unclear).

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