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Gingrich, Pawlenty, Bachmann go on radio show that suggests all gays and Muslims are Nazis

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He runs the radio show of an officially designated hate group, and has now gone so far as to suggest that gays and Muslims - every member of Islam in fact - are all literally Nazis.  And what do the Republican candidates for President do?  They run to his show to curry favor with the man who just slandered a billion of the world's Muslims and tens of millions of gay Americans.  And to boot, he's also a Holocaust revisionist.

Yes, Pawlenty, Gingrich and Bachmann all felt it important to go the radio of a Holocaust revisionist who works for an officially designated hate group that's listed alongside the Nazis (ironically) and the Klan by the foremost group responsible for tracking those extremists.

What's particularly sad is that the American mainstream media is silent about all of this.  Imagine had a lead Democratic presidential candidate gone on David Duke's radio show as a stop on the road to the presidency?  Do you think the media would ignore it?

In this case, the media is tacitly in cahoots with the Republicans.  They see right wing hate groups as just another political lifestyle choice.  Probably because hatred and intolerance, of gays and Muslims especially, is so entrenched in the leadership ranks of the Republican party that the abnormal has become the new normal in the GOP.

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