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Illinois set to begin civil unions June 1st

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As Illinois gets ready to allow gay civil unions on June 1st, the battle lines are being drawn between groups getting ready to rally for and against same-sex marriage.

Of course, the "Americans for Life" right-wingers have picked St. Peters, a Catholic church in the loop to host their hate fest. Militant prurient hate group leader, Peter LaBarbera, will be on hand to launch his Illinois Defense of Marriage Initiative, to attempt to get the state legislature “to secure by law the definition of marriage in Illinois between one man and one woman.”

I like to attach the word "prurient" to Peter LaBarbera's name because he is known to attend leather street fares to troll for photos he thinks will offend the sensibilities of the Ward and June Cleavers of America and show what he calls "the true face of the LGBT community." When most of us know "the true face of the LGBT community" or "our LGBT nasty face" is the one many of us make cleaning up our beloved pet's mess so no one steps in it or cleaning up our kid's vomit.

An Illinois statute already limits marriage to heterosexual couples, but the state constitution is silent on the matter, and constitutional bans are more difficult to overcome. Civil unions, which become available to both gay and straight couples in Illinois beginning June 1 as a new state law goes into effect, provide some of the rights and responsibilities of marriage.
Yes, there will be a counter-protest to call foul on the hateful attempt by some to ask that our civil rights be put to a vote, AGAIN. There is also an understanding that every time one of these votes come up there is a spike in hate crimes against our community. The Gay Liberation Network has a page with information on where to go for the counter-protest. If you are in Chicago then BE THERE!

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