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Jeff Wilfarht, father of fallen gay soldier, speaks against discrimination in MN

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The sound quality of this video isn't really good at first but be sure and stick around to hear the wise, touching words of Jeff Wilfahrt. Mr. Wilfahrt is the father of a gay soldier who died in Afghanistan. Wilfahrt spoke out against the hateful attempt by homophobic political leaders to amend the Minnesota State constitution to deny the civil right to gay marriage.

Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt of Rosemount, grew up in New Ulm, the son of Leo and Ruth Wilfahrt, and daughter of Betty Schaefer. They married and lived in Rosemount, where they raised their family, including Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt, 31, who died in Afghanistan six weeks ago when an IED exploded.

Jeff Wilfahrt spoke today to a rally sponsored by OutFront Minnesota on the wind-swept steps of the State Capitol in St. Paul as part of the GLBT political advocacy group's yearly Day on the Hill. Andrew Wilfahrt is thought to be the first gay Minnesota soldier to die in the service of his country in the war in Afghanistan.

His sister has said that her brother's sexual orientation was the least interesting thing about him, a remark Jeff Wilfahrt repeated to the crowd today. The elder Wilfahrt's speech, which he read from a statement he prepared, cuts directly to American values and the creation of the American system.

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