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NY State Senator Rubén Díaz chooses NOM and homophobia over family

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One of the leading opponents of same-sex marriage in New York, State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr., held a rally against marriage yesterday in the Bronx. Good As You's Jeremy Hooper was there and documented the hate and homophobia. It was disgusting. Among the speakers were NOM's Brian Brown and Diaz's wife. If you're not reading Jeremy's blog and following him on twitter, you should, especially during the NY marriage battle. Jeremy knows every move the other side is making.

The New York Times also covered the event and focused on a pro-marriage rally led by the 22-year old granddaughter of Senator Díaz, Erica:

A DJ, with the pomp befitting a hip-hop star, welcomed the senator as “the prophet of justice.” In his resonant baritone, Mr. Díaz began a fiery sermon. He spoke of loving the sinner but hating the sin; of a Bible that warned against homosexuality; of an institution of man and woman that must remain sacred.

From her perch across the plaza, Ms. Diaz decided that she wanted to do more than simply shout rejoinders at the crowd. In a calm, stern voice, Ms. Diaz approached a group of police officers and told them that she needed to stand by her grandfather before his speech was done.

After a brief negotiation, the officers surrounded Ms. Diaz and escorted her into the opposing rally, up the imposing stairs, and to the senator’s side.

The senator, mid-speech, did not miss a beat as he greeted his granddaughter, although she later said with certainty that he had been surprised to see her: “I saw it in his face.”

Mr. Díaz hugged her, kissed her forehead and with a sweep of his arm, drew her close.

“This is my granddaughter,” Mr. Díaz said emphatically to the crowd. “I love her. I love her. I love her. I respect her decisions. She does what she wants.
That's one brave woman.

And, it's sick that Díaz and his wife side with the haters over family. Just sick. And, New York State Senators have to decide which side they're on. The trendline is moving our way -- and fast. NOM and its fellow haters know that -- and they're going to get uglier by the day. They're like cornered animals now. They will do and say anything. Expect things to get even uglier.

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