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Pravda liars says the police who jumped Dan Choi were actually protecting him

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Yesterday, Dan Choi joined us in launching a public letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling on her to publicly address the violence used by the Russian authorities to break up Moscow's Pride event yesterday.  If you haven't already, please join Dan and us in signing the open letter, and telling your friends about it by email, Twitter and Facebook - Dan wil be delivering the letter to the State Department in person, with all of your signatures.

We also reported yesterday on the violent reaction the Russian police had to the rally, beating up Dan and the other protesters, then arresting them, but it seems now someone is trying to pretend it never happened.  That would be Pravda, the former ever-lying mouthpiece of the Soviet dictators, and now apparently the ever-lying mouthpiece of the wanna-be-Soviet dictators who still run Russia  Too bad for Pravda and its henchmen, we have the Internet to disprove their lies.

Look at the photos I took from Logan Mucha's amazing video video of the attack - everything's going great until the reporters take an interest in Dan and company, then the police just can't take it anymore and they attack:

Nice peaceful stroll, a few reporters with them.
A lot more reporters show up, with cameras.
Note the pair of hands lunging in the pic at right.
It's a "militzia" member, the local civilian police, grabbing a protester.
More militzia now, just shoving everyone.

Proof that it's the local police, his shirt, it says "Militzia" in Russian.
Now it's mayhem, thanks to the police.
Dan and Andy Thayer appears to have flyers, police want them.
This was a clear effort by the Russian authorities to stop Dan and the other protesters from speaking to the media. It's the Soviet Union all over again. Except this time, we have the Internet.  I was in the Soviet Union in 1984.  It was kind of a horrific trip (with some good parts too), and it was a lot like what you see in the video above.

Saturday's events have once again demonstrated that the problems of the Moscow gay pride parade is not limited to opposition to LGBT parties and the metropolitan authorities. First appeared to 13:00 at the Manege Square gay with banners and flags, tried to beat him. Police had to protect the few representatives of sexual minorities from groups of informal groups of border guards, marking the day their professional holiday, representatives of religious organizations.
It should be noted that the detention in this case was, in particular, and a measure to protect members of the gay movement from violent towards them members of counter-rally.
Then Pravda closes by basically sanctioning violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Russians:
In the end, few people care about what two people do at home behind closed doors. But if they start to do it publicly - is in any case the offense. And even if they start loudly on the public informed about the details of their sex life, they are likely to be either in the ambulance or the police station. And then it does not matter what sexual orientation they adhere to.
Some people would rather risk their lives than live without freedom. It's a lesson you'd have thought the Russian authorities would have learned from living under a crushing communist dictatorship for 70 years, and from losing so many of its citizens both under Stalin and from fighting the Nazis.  Sadly, the lesson wasn't learned.

Please sign Dan's open letter to Secretary Clinton imploring her to speak out against this outrage.

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