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Rhode Island roils over same-sex marriage / civil union debate

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Hundreds of people showed up for a same-sex marriage rally in Rhode Island where the debate has been whether or not a civil union bill is acceptable versus gay marriage. To add added drama, the House Speaker Gordon Fox, D-Providence is openly gay.

Last week, House Speaker Gordon Fox, D-Providence, announced that he was throwing his support behind civil unions because gay marriage legislation couldn't pass the Senate. Fox is openly gay and his announcement deeply angered many gay marriage advocates. One carried a sign at Tuesday's rally reading "Fox Hunting Season is Open."

"It's time to disband the House and Senate," said the protester, Gary D'Amario of Cranston. "It's time to get rid of all of them."

Those at the rally included religious groups, students, couples gay and straight and a young woman with a vuvuzela. Miss Rhode Island Deborah Saint-Vil attended, as did several lawmakers.
Of course, the National Organization for Marriage(NOM)-Rhode Island was there to claim their "Debbie Downer" position that they are against any kind of recognition of gay anything.

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