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Scenes from the Minnesota marriage debate, including our GOP ally, State Rep. John Kriesel

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The Uptake has a video with scenes from the debate in Minnesota last night -- both inside the chamber and those in the hallway.

You've got to watch one of our few GOP allies in the Minnesota State House, State Representative John Kriesel, make his impassioned speech for marriage equality.

So game on. The GOPers wanted a referendum in 2012, they've got one.

In 2008, much of the focus of the LGBT community was on winning the White House. We let Prop. 8 get away from us. In 2012, the focus has to be on defeating this ugly amendment. The trendline is moving in our direction. We need to show that in Minnesota.

No doubt, we'll have a lot more about this campaign as it begins to develop. Hopefully, this amendment will inspire turnout among young voters, who otherwise might be apathetic next year.

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