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SU and SLDN respond to passage of Defense bill with amendments to thwart DADT repeal

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The GOP-led House passed the Defense Authorization with several ugly DADT-related amendments, including a couple that invoke DOMA. This should be the end of the road for these amendments. The Senate should kill them and there's no way the President could ever sign a Defense bill with language that weakens repeal. No way (especially now that he has that coveted HRC endorsement.)

I'll let the groups most affected by DADT provide the commentary.

SU's Alex Nicholson:

"The passage of the defense authorization bill with these hostile amendments included comes as no surprise, and it should not become a cause for concern as long as our allies in the Senate and the President all stand strong and refuse to support a defense bill containing these amendments. These amendments were nothing short of a waste of time by lawmakers who were sent to Washington to do serious business and a waste of taxpayer money. The Pentagon, the President, and the American people have made it abundantly clear - we are moving forward and building a stronger military free of unnecessary discrimination."
SLDN's Aubrey Sarvis:
“The opposition may well believe they won the day in the House, simply outnumbering repeal advocates. But this fight is far from over. We must look to repeal supporters in the Senate, where the defense bill will be taken up next and where we are better positioned than in the House. We need to beat back this harmful language and make sure it does not survive in conference committee.

Make no mistake: these attempts by repeal opponents to shift the debate from DADT to DOMA is simply another way to strike at the dignity of LGB service members. Along with our allies, SLDN will stand up for these warriors, who should never be treated as second-class patriots.”
I'm with Alex. This is a waste of time. But, the GOPers are determined to demonstrate their blatant homophobia. Okay.

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