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Uplifting transgender teen article makes front page news in Tulsa

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I've been spending more time in Dallas, Texas so I initially missed this story, "Becoming Katie." For a transgender teen article to make the news might not be considered that big a deal, but what makes it unique is that it is a front page article appearing in, of all places, Tulsa, Oklahoma!:

A common assumption is that it's something like a drag queen, or a person who likes to dress up in the opposite gender's clothing on occasion.

Except that for transgender individuals, it's not about the costume or outfit. They genuinely feel like the gender they're born into simply doesn't fit.

"It wasn't my fault," Katie said. "It was just nature handing me something that wasn't fair. I couldn't look in the mirror without wanting to cry."

It's hard to look at a 16-year-old considering gender reassignment surgery and not think: "But she's so young!"
Kudos to the Tulsa World for publishing this uplifting story and educating the public on transgender issues, and thank you to Katie for bravely letting them tell her story.

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