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UPDATE: Minnesota House voted to put anti-marriage amendment on 2012 ballot

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UPDATE: By a vote of 70 - 62, the GOP-led Minnesota House voted to send the anti-gay amendment to the voters. There will be an referendum on marriage in November of 2012. From the Star-Tribune:

After a long, passionate and solemn debate that lasted deep into the night, the Minnesota House passed a proposed constitutional amendment on Saturday to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Voters will decide the question in November 2012. The final vote was 70-62. Four Republicans voted no. Two Democrats voted yes.
Apparently, all hell broke loose in the Minnesota State House yesterday after a homophobic preacher, Bradlee Dean, gave a vile prayer. Yes, a vile, hateful prayer. And, it could have an impact on the GOP's effort to put an anti-gay constitutional amendment on the ballot for November of 2012.

The Uptake
is livestreaming tonight's House debate. Earlier in the month, the Senate passed the anti-gay amendment. Republicans took control of the Minnesota House and Senate in the November 2010 elections. The legislature adjourns on Monday.

The debate ended so I removed the embed.

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