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Assembly Speaker: "We can vote on everything today." Senate Leader not so sure.

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Latest update from the Albany Times-Union's blog, Capitol Confidential, on the marriage battle in New York state.

First, the Speaker:

And while Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was unsure everything could be worked out today, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said his house was ready to shut down the legislative session, which has already slipped into overtime.

“We can vote on everything today. We’ve made significant progress,” Silver, D-Manhattan, said. He called outstanding issues “technicalities.”
Then, a possible sign of progress from the Senate Majority Leader:
Skelos also hinted that his conference and Cuomo are close on amendments to the same-sex marriage bill that would further clarify protections for religious organizations. “My colleagues and [the governor's] counsel’s office are looking very closely at religious protections and I think they will conclude that. Once we have final legislation we’ll discuss it in conference,” Skelos said.
Again, the Assembly Speaker says it can be done today:
For the first time, Silver said he saw a draft of the amendments, and is agreeable on the concepts. He said a vote could be held tonight “if the Senate says they’re doing it and they agree on it.”
Do it today.

Things can happen fast in Albany - or not. Skelos has to schedule the vote. ASAP.

Video of the Speaker:

And, I have to agree with this post: Source: LGBT Advocates Will ‘Go Crazy’ On Senate GOP Without Gay Marriage

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