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At Netroots Nation, DREAMer Felipe Matos had his own chat with Dan Pfeiffer

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Both John and I were on Netroots Nation panels with Felipe Matos. He's one of the DREAM students who walked from Miami to Washington DC last year on the Trail of Dreams. He's a rock star -- and he's gay. His partner, Juan Rodriguez, did that long walk with him last year.

At Netroots Nation, Felipe had a conversation with Dan Pfeiffer about the DREAM Act -- and Obama's ability to use his executive authority to prevent deportations of DREAMers. (The White House answer sounds like "We have to defend DOMA. It's the law."-- Until, of course, they didn't have to defend DOMA. And, they don't have to deport DREAMers.)

Felipe is fearless.

Here's a photo of Juan, Felipe and me at Netroots Nation (and big thanks to Joan McCarter for taking the picture):

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