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Taxpayer funded Catholic Charities is suing Illinois to avoid compliance with civil unions law

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Because the Catholic leaders can never do enough to bash the gays:

Lawyers for Catholic Charities in the dioceses of Springfield, Peoria and Joliet are seeking an emergency injunction that would protect religious agencies who turn away unmarried couples who want to become foster parents -- including couples in civil unions.

In a petition filed today in Sangamon County Circuit Court, the three Catholic Charities agencies sued the Illinois Attorney General and Department of Children and Family Services for threatening to enforce new policies that accommodate civil unions, which went into effect last week. The Attorney General's office declined to comment until it could review the complaint.
Catholic Charities takes millions and millions from the state of Illinois but doesn't want to follow the laws of the state. Avoiding the laws. What else would we expect from an institution that protected and enabled child rapists for decades?

Keep in mind, under the new civil unions laws, there is a religious exemption. The Catholic Church and other religious institutions don't have to perform civil unions. But, if they want state money, they shouldn't be able to discriminate.

Now, they're suing so they can discriminate. So, let's ask again: Why do liberal groups permit the Catholic Charities bigots, including Senior Vice President of Social Policy Candy Hill, to be a member of the Coalition on Human Needs?

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