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Cuomo expects marriage to pass. GOP Sen. Greg Ball (@ball4ny) asks on twitter: Yes or No?

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This sounds positive from Cuomo -- who may allow some tweaks to the language regarding religious institutions:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Friday that he expected same-sex marriage legislation to be approved before the end of the legislative session next week, and indicated that to win passage of the measure he is prepared to yield to Republican concerns for greater protections of religious groups.

“I am a proponent of marriage equality, and I’m working very hard to make that a reality in New York,” Mr. Cuomo told reporters on Friday as lawmakers prepared to go home for the weekend. “I am also a proponent of religious freedom, and separation of church and state, so these are both very important principles. I don’t see one in competition with the other.”

With signs pointing to a vote on the marriage issue in the State Senate next week, there are widespread expectations that it will pass.
Have to say, I'm glad Cuomo is negotiating. He's one of the Democratic leaders who doesn't negotiate with himself. And, he wants to win this. Every indication I've gotten is that he is, in fact, "working very hard" to make marriage a reality. I know most of those on our side, including Assembly sponsor Danny O'Donnell, think the concerns of the GOPers over religion are already covered. But, seems like the undecided GOPers are looking for cover.

Senator Greg Ball, one of those undecided GOP Senators, tweeted this last night:
Opening up the discussion! So, if you were me, how would you vote on gay marriage? Yes or No?
If you're on twitter, let him know. He's @ball4ny. Let him know -- vote yes.

The legislative session is scheduled to end on Monday, but that may slide a few days.

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