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Dan Savage’s "evolve already" button makes the AP and NYT

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The slogan was Joe Sudbay's idea. The button was Dan's.  I'm working out a deal right now to include a free button with the purchase of goods from our AMERICAblog store - still working out the details, so stay tuned.  The store is here.

Author and sex columnist Dan Savage attended the White House reception wearing a button that said "Evolve Already."

"Politics is the art of the possible and Obama has delivered on many of his promises. ... I think the gay community has to keep the pressure on," said Savage, who was with his spouse Terry Miller. The two are recognized as married in Canada, where they tied the knot 6 1/2 years ago.
Mr. Obama later held a Gay Pride reception at the White House on Wednesday evening, where he did not address the issue directly. Dan Savage, a columnist who arrived with his husband, wore a button that said “evolve already.”

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