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DC officials concerned that House GOPers will use budget to target same-sex marriage law

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House Republican leaders have already indicated an intent to 'pursue legislation that would ban gay marriage' in DC. As the appropriations season starts on Capitol Hill, DC leaders and progressive groups are gearing up to defend DC's law, including marriage. From today's Washington Post:

With the spending season underway on Capitol Hill, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray joined activists Wednesday to urge Congress not to attach social policy “riders” to the District’s budget.

A House appropriations subcommittee will meet June 16 to consider a bill that includes the District’s budget for fiscal 2012. In past years, particularly when Republicans have controlled the House, that measure has been a magnet for language that changes city laws or restricts the use of locally raised funds.

In April, President Obama and House Republicans cut a spending deal that included a prohibition on government-funded abortions in the District and that revived and expanded a controversial private-school voucher program. House Republicans failed in their effort to include a ban on District-run needle exchange programs.

That issue could surface again during next week’s session, and local officials and activists are also concerned that Republicans may target the city’s laws on same-sex marriage, medical marijuana and guns.
The Post reports that "nearly 100 organizations" have sent a letter to House GOPers urging them not to muck with DC's laws. I'm sure that will work. House GOPers are already defending DOMA. Most are homophobes -- and proudly so.

Those same organizations better be prepared to send a similar letter to the Senate - then President Obama. As the Post article reminds us, the President already caved on DC budget items involving women's health and school choice earlier this year. If any language to block DC's marriage law appears in the House bill, the White House needs to issue a veto threat in its Statement of Administration Policy. Nothing less will suffice.

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