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Join our live chat with NY Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell at 6 PM ET/5 PM CT

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We're hosting a live chat at 6 PM ET/5 PM CT with NY Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell. He sponsored the marriage bill in the Assembly, which passed last night. And, the chat will be cross-posted on Pam's House Blend, Good As You, Joe.My.God and Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters...possibly a few more.

There are only a few days left in the legislative session. As of my writing this, there's still no word on what Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos intends to do with the marriage vote. There are lots of meetings happening in Albany. Mayor Bloomberg was at the State House today to meet with GOP Senators -- who he bankrolled back into the majority last November.

So, we'll get the latest intel from Danny.

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